• April 8, 2024


The longer days have arrived! And so have rising temperatures, late sunsets, and lazy hot afternoons. Understandably, summers in Pune aren’t a piece of cake for most! If you are on the lookout for tips that help with cooling houses without blasting your air conditioners all day long, you’re at the right place.  Here are five easy hacks to escape the summer’s heat and keep your home cool naturally!

  1. Choose Cross Ventilation 

Cross ventilation is one of the most effective and easiest ways to keep your home cool without spending thousands on air conditioning. Open your windows and flush out all the heat that’s trapped and enjoy natural cooling for home. 

The best time to open all your windows is from dusk to mid-day. Install nets on your windows to keep away the mosquitoes and bugs, yet make way for the cool wind on the breezy days! 

  1. Keep the Sun’s Light Out

How to keep your house cool during summer?  Block the light. Remember that light equates to heat. So the more sunlight flows into your home, the warmer you will feel. To keep the temperature in your house bearable, close your blinds.

Better yet, opt for blackout curtains that block out light entirely, or go for the traditionally used bamboo curtains and keep your home cool all summer long.

  1. Switch to Energy-saving Lightbulbs

If you’re having trouble cooling your home, your yellow lightbulbs might be the culprit. Incandescent and halogen light bulbs produce a lot of heat. Therefore, switching to energy-saving bulbs like LED lights can work wonders to help cool your home this season, while also saving energy costs – that’s a win-win!

  1. Bring in Your Plants 

Plants accessorise your home and also purify the air. They can make your rooms feel fresh and keep it cool from the scorching summer’s heat. Keep tall & shady houseplants like the indoor palm tree near the balcony to screen direct sun rays and also maintain air quality for your home. 

  1. Free your Home of the Clutter 

A room that’s cluttered, has boxes and is full of dust feels super noisy, looks chaotic and can block air circulation. Decluttering will bring more positive vibes to your room and make it airy. 

Get rid of everything you don’t want. Opt for accessible storage solutions or change the layout of the room if possible. Remove all the unnecessary items, which can  make your space clutter free and keep you calm. Decluttering definitely has more benefits than you realise. 

Here they are, five simple ways to keep your home cool this summer! And the best part? They are easy, low-effort, and get the job done within a day. 

We’ve all been there – those times when you wish your home turns into a freezer and keeps you cool. That’s the reason why the L.I.V.E. homes by Mangalam Landmarks come with efficiently planned layouts which ensure your homes are always full of light and ventilation. To know more about our projects in Pune, visit https://mangalamlandmarks.in/ 

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